Sultan al-qassimi

Sultan, the team scientist, was born & raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE. When he was younger he spent his time  messing around with go-karts, bikes, & freestyle jet skis. He disassembled his first go-kart apart when he was 12, due to sand clogging the carburetor. That's when he discovered the sense of pleasure he obtains from taking stuff apart, figuring out how they worked and how to make things work better.

Intrigued by films, he decided to see what America was all about, so he pursued a degree in management in Boston where he discovered the world of drag racing. After his return to the UAE post graduation, he ventured into the world of drifting, in 2012. In last 4 years Sultan built over fifteen cars from bare chassis and now, he has his own non-commercial workshop by the name of Store17.