Khalifa Al-nahyan

Khalifa, the wild one in the team, was born and raised in Abu Dhabi. At a very young age, a wise man once told Khalifa, “Know one thing about everything, and everything about one thing” and it seemed to be something he stuck by through life.

After graduating high-school, Khalifa moved to New York City, where he enrolled at NYU studying Political Science. It didn't take long before Khalifa realized that his passion for extreme sports was not being fulfilled. As a result he took the decision to move back home to pursue his studies and feed his passion.

From circuit racing to piloting 1000HP sand-rails, Khalifa has always been known to push boundaries in anything that he does. Including solo sky diving, scuba-diving, and his true passion, drifting. 

In late 2015, Khalifa was introduced to drifting by his cousin, Sultan Al Qassemi and friend, Dany Neville. In 2016 the drift scene was blown away by Khalifa's speedy growth and success in the professional drifting scene, making Khalifa a force to be reckoned with.